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LoveU2Pieces is thrilled to announce the start of our Play the Spectrum Teen Time beginning January 18, 2019!

Social relationships are an integral part of life. We know that connection to others is a mediating factor against stress and life struggles. The ability to interact with others effectively plays a critical role in navigating personal relationships, as well as eventually acquiring and maintaining employment.

LoveU2Pieces is committed to providing teens (ages 13-17) who are high functioning on the autism spectrum opportunities needed to build relationships with their peers.

Play the Spectrum Logo w SMPlay the Spectrum: Teen Time is designed:

  • To provide planned and organized opportunities for social activities and experiences with others
  • To provide opportunities to informally practice social skills with others
  • To provide an accommodating environment to experience successful social interactions
  • To provide opportunities for various types of recreational events with others

Potential ancillary benefits include the development of long-term friendships, and/or mentoring relationships, and just being able to relax and have fun!

Call Leigh at 314.526.8616 or email to learn more!


Mark Your Calendars! Friday, January 18 from 6:30-8:00 ~ Board Game Night!