A New Take on an Old Tradition

What is cardio drumming?

Drum Magazine states: Cardio drumming combines cardio exercise and drumming to the rhythm of the music in an easy, but effective workout.

Yes, but it is so much more.


Stretching Our Minds and Bodies

Today we joined Miss Annie at The Orthwein Center for our first (and spirited) session of Cardio Drumming! After introductions were made, Miss Annie began with a warm up, explaining the importance of stretching before a workout. Once warm, she pointed out that while they would be using traditional drum sticks,  they would be drumming on chairs and a pillow! Their minds were already opening to new ideas within the first 5 minutes of our session!

Building New Connections

Our drummers got right to work by learning 3 different rhythm patterns Miss Annie developed for the first song. Focus, determination and perseverance abound. Next, Miss Annie gave the kids an opportunity to create the next part of the session, if interested. As they took turns choosing songs, creating rhythm patterns, and putting it all together, I could not stop smiling. My mind was abuzz with all the kids were gaining from this session.




While my reflections are surely not all encompassing, I noticed the following at work as I watched them drum:

  • trying something new
  • following directions
  • turn-taking
  • flexible thinking
  • perseverance
  • creativity
  • cross body movement
  • increased heart rate
  • focus
  • listening
  • laughter
  • dancing
  • questioning
  • reciprocal conversation
  • rhythm
  • sense of community
  • creating something with a group
  • celebrating success

On a very basic level, I was reminded of two truths: 1) music brings people together; and 2) shared experiences are powerful.

New Experiences Bring Growth

Today five elementary kids showed up to a new place, met a new leader, and learned about a new activity. When you think about it, that is no small feat. As adults, how often do we put ourselves out there to take risks and learn new things? I love that they walked in with open minds and open hearts and tried something new. While there are bumps in the road that come with new experiences, they give us the opportunity to grow and evolve. Most importantly, they help us better know ourselves.



Who will join me for an adult session of cardio drumming? No drumming experience necessary, just a willingness to try something new, (and maybe a love of 80’s rock.)