LoveU2Pieces is thrilled to announce that after 5 years, we are opening our first Play and Learning Center! We have designed a gorgeous space for our families to connect, play and learn! The LoveU2Pieces Play and Learning Center is designed to nurture the development and resilience of families living with autism spectrum disorders. More specifically, we specialize in children who are functioning at a high level on the autism spectrum. While these children may excel in the academic realm, we find that social interaction is an ongoing struggle, even into adulthood. One myth which exists for this population is that they do not want friends or relationships. On the contrary, these kids want friendships, they simply lack the collection of skills needed to initiate and maintain those friendships. Many¬†are not completely without skills, but merely have “holes” in their development. As such, we work hard to provide opportunities for our population to socially interact while learning and practicing skills in a supportive and fun environment. They learn and grow by receiving ongoing feedback which parents can then integrate into the home setting. All of our groups are developed by a team of licensed therapists and educators, and are informed by current research. Please see the flyer below and share with anyone you feel would benefit from these types of groups. Our first screening is scheduled for Saturday, May 23rd. Please contact Leigh if you are interested in getting your child screened for the summer groups. We look forward to seeing and working with you! social connections2015jpeg