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A diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder can bring with it many challenges, not only for the individual, but also for the family members. Building and supporting communication skills through our LoveU2Pieces Social Connections Program is one way to move toward thriving with autism spectrum disorder. Our therapists provide specific weekly feedback to parents so they can support new learning and consistent response and terminology in the home.

Sometimes, individuals and their families need additional support and specialized programming to build stability and connection to move toward this goal of thriving. Our LoveU2Pieces Family Connections Program provides the opportunity for more intense therapy with a licensed therapist to address a specific area of need, a detailed plan for addressing the issue, and ample time devoted to meeting the family goal. Family Connections Counseling can take place in our offices at an agreed upon time, or may be contracted to take place in the home. In-home counseling allows the counselor to observe the parent-child relationship in action, providing insight into family dynamics. An ongoing goal for LoveU2Pieces is to provide the support families need to effectively manage their home environment and stress levels so that everyone can thrive.

To learn more about the Family Connections Counseling Program, you can contact Colleen Matlock, MA, LPC at 314.807.7354 or Colleen.Matlock@gmail.com. During the initial meeting, a family assessment will be completed used in conjunction with parent feedback to determine treatment goals. Our therapist will provide parent-coaching, family and individual therapy, as well as case management during the 6 week session. Each session runs one hour at a rate of $50 per hour.

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