Saturday night, August 13, marked a significant event for the St. Louis Autism Community. American Airlines and LoveU2Pieces partnered to host It’s Cool to Fly American event at Lambert Airport. Participants were treated to a curb to plane simulation where they were able to “practice” the steps of air travel.

The airport can be daunting for anyone, but when you add an autism spectrum disorder to the mix, it can sometimes be painful. Many families who live with autism spectrum disorders are trekking across the country on family vacations in the car, fearful of the outcome if they attempted air travel. American Airlines recognized these concerns and would like to smooth the process for families who would like to attempt flying for the first time. The result: It’s Cool to Fly American with LoveU2Pieces.

Participating families brought carry-on bags, garnered boarding passes, passed through security, and made their way to the gate for a brief reception before boarding the plane. Guests were treated to gluten-free snacks, water, organic juices and organic fruit snacks. Once boarding the plane, they proceeded through the instructional process with flight attendants and taxied around the runway.

It was a wonderful experience for all who attended!

KSDK joined us for the event… take a LOOK