LoveU2Pieces Social Connections Program


The LoveU2Pieces Social ConnectionsSM Program was developed to support our Mission as we seek to provide:

~ Opportunities for children on the autism spectrum to develop skills in the areas of social interaction and leadership.

~ Information and activities for parents of children on the autism spectrum that will support their efforts in raising their children in a strong,  supportive environment.

~ A forum for parents of children on the autism spectrum to connect and share concerns, difficulties, strategies, and triumphs as they move through their journey.

Social Connections Groups

Our groups are designed with the following beliefs in mind:

  1.  We believe learning social skills in the natural environment is critical to the child’s ability to generalize those skills to home, school and the community;
  2.  We believe that children on the autism spectrum are truly unique and deserve support toward their individual goals within the group setting;
  3.  We believe the more opportunities we can provide for safe, social interaction for children on the autism spectrum, the more comfortably and easily these children will integrate into the greater world.

Each Social Connections Group Session is 8 weeks in duration. Each week, the children meet for 60 minutes and will work on group goals, as well as individual goals.

Group Goals

Through the use of age appropriate, structured curriculum, boys and girls on the autism spectrum will learn and practice:

* better conversational skills

* showing interest in others

* the nuances of verbal and nonverbal communication

* appropriate assertiveness and cooperative play skills

* developing and building friendships and relationships.

Weekly Feedback

Parents receive weekly feedback on progress and are given ways they can further support their child in the home setting.