Double Your Impact!

At LoveU2Pieces, we’re dedicated to helping individuals living with autism learn to thrive with autism. Since opening our first facility in 2014, our organization has offered fun, affordable and educational groups which grow emotional intelligence, self acceptance, and the pragmatic skills to make and maintain relationships.

Our individual donors are vital to our organization. As a donor, you help sustain LoveU2Pieces financially, and you help reinforce the value of the work that we do each year with our families. 


$25 allows a child/teen to participate in a one hour Social Connections session

$125 provides a session in Mindfulness and Yoga training with a certified instructor

$200 provides a needs-based scholarship for our 8-week Social Connections Program 

$500 provides a needs-based scholarship for our Healthy Hearts and Minds Program

Your support will help us live our Mission to help individuals living with autism thrive and be at their best.

Your contribution, no matter what the size, can help change a child’s life.

Matching Gifts Your employer may double your gift to our organization at no additional cost to you. CLICK HERE TO LEARN IF YOUR COMPANY WILL MATCH YOUR DONATION! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about matching gifts!

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