Shelley Parker

Shelley has always loved working with children.   This early love led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Child Development. Shelley then received her master’s degree in General and Special Education, so that she could work with children with special needs.  She began her career as a Special Education Itinerant Teacher in New York City, where she provided services for children ages 3-5.  After moving to St. Louis, she started working for the Special School District.  Shelley’s first position in St. Louis began was in the Parkway School District as a paraprofessional, supporting middle school aged students with autism.  After a year she transferred to an elementary school where she supported students with social, emotional and behavioral disorders. For the next three years, Shelley has making a difference in the lives of children her own self-contained classroom, where she supported lower functioning students with autism.  Shelley has loved her work in the field of special education for many reasons, but above all, she found connecting with students and their families and seeing progress the ultimate reward as an educator. 

 Shelley and her husband welcomed their first baby in 2015! She made the important decision to stay home with our son and is loving every minute, watching him grow.  Shelley is excited to be a part of LoveU2Pieces so that she is continuing to make a difference in the lives of families living with autism. In her spare time, Shelley enjoys music, painting and jogging at the park.