Patrick Murphy

Patrick has spent the past 12 years as a tax attorney in the St. Louis area. Currently at Danna McKitrick, PC, he assists small- to medium-sized businesses, not-for-profit entities, and families. Clients rely on him to apply his combination of accountancy and legal experience as he helps them consider their situations and needs. Patrick’s corporate work involves mergers and acquisitions, buy/sell agreements, entity formation and structuring, shareholder agreements and disputes, real estate transactions, and other complex situations. He helps companies as an on-call resource, or with their day-to-day business dealings in the role of general counsel. For families and individuals, particularly those who own businesses, Patrick provides general legal and financial advice. When families are ready to protect their assets, whether simple or complex, he helps them adopt wealth preservation strategies through tax and estate planning, and establishing trusts. When counseling trustees and directors in non-profit organizations such as LoveU2Pieces, Patrick advises on transactional, fiduciary, and tax matters. He educates board members to help protect them, and the organization, regarding rights, responsibilities, liabilities, and governance issues. He also handles the formation of tax-exempt entities and foundations.

Prior to joining Danna McKitrick, Patrick was in private practice for several years. While in public accounting, he honed his financial and advisory skills working with two local CPA firms and a global Big Four accounting firm.

Patrick believes that too often the needs of parents and caregivers of people on the spectrum of autism are not addressed.  This can leave a wide gap between the level of care one can give and what care one wants to give.  It is important for the family and caregivers to be ”good to themselves”, a message which he believes this organization can bring to many people who need to hear it.