Julie Gau

Julie has spent her entire career in the helping profession. After receiving her master’s degree in counseling 18 years ago, she worked as a family therapist, an EAP Counselor, and a home intervention counselor with DCFS. For the next few years, she continued working as an EAP counselor and then added certified Personal Trainer to her regime. For the past 8 years, Julie has been working as a personal trainer, a wellness coach, and a JP+ Nutritional Consultant. During her various work experiences, she has honed her natural skills of patience, ability to listen to others, and leadership. Her determination, goal-oriented style, inner strength, sense of humor, zest for life, and her faith in the human spirit, drive her enthusiasm and support of others.

Family, friends, working out, educating herself and others on health and wellness, living her faith, good wine, and laughing are Julie’s greatest passions. She lives her passions as she raises her three year old daughter, with her husband, Rich.  She also serves as a Eucharistic Minister at St. Peter Catholic Church.

As a friend of the Rolnicki family, Julie has seen from an insider’s view the life changes that are often made in an effort to provide the best possible chances for growth and progress for a loved one diagnosed with ASD. She feels both awed and amazed by Leigh’s generous heart, passion for helping others, and her talents and faith to create this mission, particularly while parenting two children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. As such, she feels honored and privileged to serve on the board, and to help Leigh raise awareness and the funds necessary to provide education, support and opportunities for families living with ASD.