Janie Walker

Janie spent 30 years as a teacher with the Special School District. She taught in self-contained classrooms and partnered with numerous families in the growth and development of their children with special needs. Janie’s incredible sense of humor, good nature, and belief in others made her an ideal individual to support, learn and laugh with her students. Known by many of her students as “Walker”, she supported students both in- and outside the classroom. She took students into the community for social experiences, providing exposure to a natural learning environment and greater opportunity for a smooth transition into the larger world. Part of the real world support Janie provided involved her working with employers who hired her students for part-time jobs, and mentoring and supporting her students through site visits in the work place.

Since her retirement, Janie has continued to substitute for the Special School District. In addition to this, she is very active in Manchester United Methodist Church, having served on the board of trustees, working with youth groups and traveling on mission trips. She has been involved as a Volunteer in Mission, which took her to Mexico to work in support of others. She furthers her support of the community by volunteering for Shalom House and working on weekly bulletins at the church. Janie is also very active in PEO which supports women in higher learning. Beyond her volunteer work, Janie enjoys golf, bowling, card making, singing in choir, and her women’s investment club. She spends time throughout the year with family, including her husband, Herb, her father, 5 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Janie’s background in special education, experience working children with special needs and their families, and her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education will be an incredible contribution to the LoveU2Pieces board. Her attention to detail, ability to work with a team, and her core belief in others will serve the board and the community it supports very well.