Office Manager

Julie Bonebrake

Julie’s background is in Executive support, office management, accounting, and customer service. Since joining LoveU2Pieces in 2018, Julie uses her well-honed organizational skills to help keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Julie has always felt that raising children to be happy, healthy, successful adults who make wise choices for themselves and their families to be her most important accomplishment and contribution. She has three children and two grandchildren and since her third child was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2011 at the age of 6, she has been learning everything she can about the autism spectrum and becoming his biggest advocate. As the parent of a child on the spectrum, she brings to LoveU2Pieces a desire for wanting to help other families and a personal understanding of the struggles and challenges they face just living everyday life. She has seen first hand the difference early intervention can make, as well as the effect it can eventually have on easing school transitions and the difference it makes in family dynamics. Bullying is something kids on the spectrum find themselves dealing with quite often, and she believes whole heartedly that social skills training is invaluable in navigating these situations.

In her free time, Julie loves to travel, garden, refinish furniture, bake and cook with her son (who is quite the chef), sing in the choir and teach Sunday school at her church. Autism awareness is one of Julie’s passions, and she is dedicated to sharing encouraging information (especially about LoveU2Pieces!) with anyone who knows and/or loves a child who has received an autism diagnosis.