LoveU2Pieces was founded in 2009, to focus on mediating the stressors related to living with autism spectrum disorders. Its inception was based on the belief that families who are living with autism will be more resilient if they stay connected to others and engage in respite and self-care.

LoveU2Pieces helps families handle the common stressors that impact families living with autism. These include*:

  • Child’s inability to express needs/wants.
  • Stereotypic compulsive behaviors.
  • Deficits in social skills.
  • Lack of appropriate leisure skills, requiring constant (unnatural) structure of time at home.
  • Sleep issues, leading to sleep deprivation for parents.
  • Limited diet by choice of child or through necessity,requiring added planning.
  • Maladaptive behaviors which prevent families from attending events together.
  • Lack of a qualified person to watch kids.
  • Parents unable to spend quality time alone.
  • Financial stresses associated with variety and intensity of intervention needed.
  • Worries about future caregiving.
  • Isolation from friends, relatives and the community.* Families living with autism may experience none, some or all of these stressors

LoveU2Pieces works to raise awareness among families living with ASD, as well as their extended family, friends and the greater community by providing opportunities for awareness, connection, self care, respite care, and overall support.